Adam & Eve Care Packs

Adam & Eve Care Packs

Adam & Eve Care packs contains Wax Remover, Lavender Blue Pre Wax Prep, Coconut & Lime Oil, Lavender Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Tea Tree Lotion all conveniently packed in 125ml bottles.

  • Wax Remover
  • Lavender Blue Pre Wax Prep
  • Coconut & Lime Oil
  • Lavender Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender Tea Tree Lotion
Lavender Blue pre wax prep

Lavender Blue Pre Wax Prep

Made with Lavender essential oil, calming and delicate fragrance.

To cleanse, calm skin, and remove surface bacteria prior to waxing treatment.

Apply to the skin using a cotton round or lightly spray area.

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Removes surface bacteria
  • Delicate fragrance
Adam and Eve After wax lotions

After Wax Lotions

How to use Adam & Eve after wax Lotions

  • Adam & Eve lotions are applied to the skin after a waxing treatment.
  • Apply wearing gloves to prevent contamination and cross infection.
  • On larger areas pump the lotion into the palm of your hand, use effleurage movements to massage until lotion is absorbed.
  • For smaller areas pump a small amount of lotion onto your finger tips apply directly to the waxed area using a patting / rolling movement until lotion is absorbed.
Coconut and Lime after wax lotion

Coconut and Lime After Wax Lotion

Coconut & Lime after wax lotion is formulated without mineral oil or paraffin products.

Created with natural fragrance with the added benefits of essential oils, and enriched with cocoa butter this product is the “natural choice” after wax treatment lotion.

For use after waxing any area, this lotion immediately calms the skin, providing deep hydration leaving skin silky soft without feeling greasy.

Lavender and Tea Tree after wax lotion

Lavender and Tea Tree After Wax Lotion

The healing benefits of Lavender essential oil enhance the antibacterial properties of our Australian grown tea tree oil in this ultra light after wax lotion.

Clients are pleasantly surprised by the delicate soothing aroma of Lavender & Tea Tree lotion applied to the skin after hot or strip waxing.

Instantly reduces redness and inflammation, protects against bacteria perfect choice for skin prone to folliculitis after waxing. Clients should use as home care to aid in the treatment of ingrown hairs.

Cocoa Butter & Vanilla after wax lotion

Cocoa Butter & Vanilla After Wax Lotion

A lovely light lotion with a delicate coconut fragrance, made with real cocoa butter.

Applied to the skin after hot or strip wax treatment it has an immediate cooling effect, visibly reduces redness, and leaves skin soft and protected.

Highly recommended for use after facial waxing, suitable for all skin types, does not contain mineral oil.

Strawberry after wax lotion

Strawberry After Wax Lotion

With all the benefits of our Cocoa butter & vanilla lotion made perfectly pink with the aroma of fresh fruity strawberries this after wax treatment smells good enough to eat.

Clients love to purchase for use as daily body moisturizer.

Adam and Eve pre and post wax oil

Pre & Post Wax Oils

How to use Adam & Eve oils for pre or post wax application

  • Pre wax application – gently apply a very light film of oil using a cotton round, alternatively spray a fine mist to the area prior to application of hot wax, this will create a protective barrier and soften the skin for less painful removal. May also be used prior to strip wax for extremely dry skin or cold climates.
  • Wax set application – ensure that you have wax on the gloved hand that you will use to spread over the surface of the hot wax immediately after application quickly press down grip and remove. Alternatively apply a light spray of oil directly on to the surface of the hot wax press down grip and remove.
  • Post wax application – use after waxing to soothe, soften and protect skin. Apply to skin using light massage movements, alternatively for intimate areas spray a fine mist of oil and allow to be absorbed.
Coconut & Lime Pre, Post and Setting Oil

Coconut & Lime Pre, Post and Setting Oil

Coconut and Olive oils combined with Australian Tea Tree and Lime essential oil make this our Ultimate waxing oil.

Made specifically to enhance the performance of hot wax and treat various skin conditions.

We highly recommend this oil for intimate areas eyebrow and facial waxing, suggested home care treatment for dry, dehydrated skin, sensitized skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Sweet Orange pre & post wax oil

Sweet Orange Pre & Post Wax Oil

Essential oils of geranium, lemon, mandarin and orange are combined with peach and almond oils to soften and protect the skin prior to application of hot wax.

The ultra light paraffin base provides fast absorption into the surface of the skin protecting sensitive or intimate areas for a less painful treatment.

Lavender & Tea Tree post wax oil

Lavender & Tea Tree Post Wax Oil

Delicate light oil, softly scented and formulated with essential Lavender and Tea Tree Oils to soothe, heal and balance the skin after waxing treatments.

Essential Lavender Oil is rapidly absorbed by skin and helps to regulate normal skin function.

Therapeutic benefits of Lavender and Tea Tree oil include, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and skin healing.

Citrus Wax Remover

Wax Solvents

Adam and Eve Citrus Wax Solvent works quickly and effortlessly to dissolve all types of wax from spatulas, wax heaters, furniture, equipment, and floors.

It is guaranteed to save time and hard work on cleaning.

Available in an economical easy pour 1ltr bottle.

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