Adam & Eve Chocolate Hot Wax

Chocolate Beaded Hot Wax

So desirable for skin and the senses, shimmery bronzed coloured hot wax that smells good enough to eat. One of our finest formulas, Wicked Chocolate glides effortlessly on application.

A workable wax that is great for stubborn hair, whilst being extremely kind to fragile thin skin. Superior performance for eyebrow design, so gentle, your clients will hardly feel a thing.
Highly recommended for facial waxing and elderly clients.

  • Superior Performance
  • Extremely Gentle
  • Dreamy Chocolate Scent
Adam & Eve Lust Hot Wax

Lust Beaded Hot Wax

Used in salons all over the world, Lust has been specifically formulated for Brazilian waxing.

It removes all the hair –first time –every time. Lust sticks to hair not skin, and provides a less painful waxing experience.

Lust is extremely pliable, pleasantly scented and can be used at low working temperatures. It remains flexible for a longer time so it removes easily. Pretty pale pink beads designed for delicate areas.

Lust is a highly workable wax.

Lust is always gentle on skin and tough on hair.

Recommended for all sensitive or intimate waxing.

  • Our number one selling wax
  • Hybrid Wax Technology –spreads thinly –economical to use
  • Formulated with titanium dioxide
  • Perfect for Brazilian waxing
  • Non brittle –stays flexible
Adam & Eve Paradise Hot Wax

Paradise Beaded Hot Wax

Strengthened with Mica for ease of use and scented with pure coconut oil this is a wax that is both economical and easy to use.

Loved for its colour, its quick drying, pliable, formula provides a fast efficient treatment.

Lower priced high performance hot wax.

Recommended for all areas

  • Shimmery Hot Pink Wax
  • Formulated with mica for extra strength
  • Quick Drying, Economical

Lemon Beaded Hot Wax

For exceptional results on all types of hair

Fruits from the Garden of Eden bring you our Lemon hot wax, scented with a soft, summery lemon fragrance.

Easy to apply this formula remains pliable and removes the finest of hair.

Recommended for all types of waxing and all kinds of skin.

  • Sweet Lemon Fragrance
  • Extremely Gentle

Strawberry Beaded Hot Wax

Sweet strawberry aroma, shiny red shimmering colour

So Delicious is our Strawberry hot wax, mica, titanium dioxide and coconut oil.

A beautiful strawberry aroma and elegant shimmer your clients will adore.

Designed for coarse, strong hair this wax has superior grip, is quick drying whilst still remaining pliable, easy to apply.

Recommended all areas

  • Luscious strawberry aroma
  • Formulated with mica for extra strength
  • Designed for coarse strong hair

Adam & Eve beaded hot waxes pour from the bag

No more freezing or smashing with a hammer. Now in zip lock resealable bags